U.S. Bank Provides realistic teller experience for Bank Skills trainees

Mock teller stations for participant trainingThe Goodwill/Easter Seals Banking and Finance Skills Training is an eight-week program designed to provide job skills for banking, finance and related positions. Established in 1996, the program has made a name for itself as a provider of well-trained banking employees, who know how to be responsible at work, be it arriving on time or communicating in a professional manner with bank management.

A special element of the program is on-location training at the U.S. Bank Midway office. Two years ago, bank management offered to create a training room just for Goodwill/Easter Seals, moving the program out of a basement conference room by the vault to an upstairs room with ample space for the mobile computer lab and even a set of teller windows. The teller windows, in particular, offer a realistic aspect to the training that was not present before. Rather than sitting in a conference room that could be in any building, trainees truly get the feel for working in a banking environment.

Besides giving our trainees a unique industry experience, the training room at U.S. Bank sets an example for the banking community as to how business partners can support and collaborate with our organization. Thanks to partners like U.S. Bank, many members of the banking community have stepped forward to offer their time and expertise. During every eight-week training, we see banking volunteers involved as guest speakers, performing mock and real interviews, and hiring our graduates. The most recent class benefitted from 30 banking volunteer hours.

Thank you to our partner, U.S. Bank, and members of the banking community who share their time and resources with our trainees, who are eager to learn and motivated to be employed.


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