We help people who want to work, prepare for WORK

"My focus right now is on my recovery. But I’m grateful someone took a chance on me. I appreciate that."

– Dan, Vocational Rehabilitation Services participant

Only 52 percent of the estimated 254,000 Minnesotans 18 to 64 years old who have a physical or mental disability were employed in 2010.1

Goodwill/Easter Seals Minnesota is committed to providing training and opportunities for individuals with disabilities to pursue employment. We believe that anyone who wants to work should WORK.

We tailor plans to help those with disabilities live independently. As a key Vocational Rehabilitation Services provider, we guide people with disabilities to recognize their career potential and help them connect to the WORK world.

Dan struggled for years with chemical dependency. After living in a half-way house, Dan’s vocational rehabilitation counselor referred him to our program to support his need for part-time work. These earnings would allow him time to focus on recovery.

Dan received employment readiness training and worked processing donations at a Goodwill store. Then his employment consultant helped him secure a janitorial internship at YMCA East St. Paul which led to the YMCA offering him a full-time job. Through our program’s paid work experience with the YMCA, the YMCA receives temporary help and provides a learning opportunity for our participants. It’s a win-win partnership – the YMCA hired Dan, a trained, dedicated employee, and Dan found full-time employment so he can stay focused on his recovery.

Preparing people for work to help ensure their long-term success is a responsibility we take very seriously. Goodwill/Easter Seals’ programs are designed to meet the needs of our participants. By 2029, the region will have to replace 776,000 workers due to baby-boomer retirement. Recommendations from Minnesota Compass suggest that to close the growing employment gap, Minnesota needs to address all related disparities, provide equal opportunities for all and provide more access to ongoing job support and coaching.2 Thinking ahead, we continue to refine and enhance our programs to meet the changing needs of our state and accommodate the growing number of individuals looking for WORK.



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2 Wilder Research/MN Compass-Ramsey County/City of Saint Paul Blue Ribbon Commission on Reducing Racial Employment Disparities – May 2011


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