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Josie is shown playing with her daugter, Marisa

For Josie having a job means more than a paycheck. A better job means more opportunities for her four-year-old daughter, Marisa. Read more below.

Josie and Marisa

Josie came to Goodwill/Easter Seals Minnesota seeking a better job with daytime hours so she could feed her supper and tuck her in at night. Overnight and weekend shifts also made it difficult to find childcare. She needed a job with higher income and benefits to support Marisa.

“It was hard to find someone to watch Marisa,” she says.

“Kids grow a lot. I needed the extra income to buy coats and boots and all the other things that she needs, but I only had retail experience, so it was hard for me to get any [other] kind of job. I kept wondering what I was doing wrong.”

Josie enrolled in our Banking and Finance Training program.

Shortly after graduation, Bremer Bank hired her as a teller. Now, Josie picks up Marisa after work in time for dinner and bedtime.

Josie and Marisa playing, reading and josie working


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