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Our values

Our values

Our core calues are the fundamental, enduring principles that guide our activities, decisions. Our values are the standards of behavior that enable us to support the vision and mission of Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota.


We believe that relationships and partnerships are the foundation of our success. We believe we can do more together than alone.


We believe in building open and honest relationships through communication.


We believe in making a positive contribution to our team, organization and community.


We believe that personal accountability determines the strength of our contributions to the community.


We believe in striving to achieve the highest level of quality in all aspects of our work. We dedicate ourselves to new and better ways to serve.


We believe in recognizing and celebrating the contribution of others.

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Our vision

We envision a world where everyone experiences the power of work.

Our mission

Our mission is to eliminate barriers to work and independence.

Our responsibilities
  • Assist and advocate for people as they navigate their life path.
  • Create a sense of urgency and commitment to removing barriers that keep people from enjoying the abundance of life.
  • Enlist partners in our quest.
  • Be an employer and organization that treats all people as world class citizens who will in turn respond and perform as world class citizens.
  • Help Minnesotans build strong and vibrant communities.