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Every person has a right to participate in the world of work. Let us help you overcome the barriers that prevent you from reaching your goals for work, education and independence. We offer job search and placement services, job support, employment training and direction so anyone can reach their goals and live independently.

If you are seeking assistance from us, start here:

  1. Do I qualify? You may qualify if you are facing any of these barriers to work or independence:
    • Alcohol or chemical dependency issues

    • At-risk youth or other at-risk individuals

    • Chronic unemployment

    • Dislocated workers

    • Homelessness

    • Lack of education

    • Low-income fathers

    • Non-native English speaker

    • Physical or mental disabilities

    • Recent incarceration

    • Refugee or recent immigrant

  2. Contact us, and a staff member will contact you:

Request information about our job services.

I am interested in career training classes.

Employment Training & Education class Information Line

Seeking employment with Goodwill-Easter Seals at a Goodwill store or our offices? 

Learn more on our careers page. 

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