Photo of fist Goodwill store founded in 1919

The First Goodwill store opens in the basement of the church of the good shepHerd at 12th and cedar

1919: St. Paul Goodwill Industries is founded; first store opens.

1920: St. Paul Goodwill’s earliest skills training program offered begins, shoe repair. At least one person is known to have gone on to open their own repair shop.

1923: The Women’s Auxiliary started in September. Members paid $1 to join and by May 1924, 100 women had become members. The Auxiliary raised money to help pay wages through fundraisers, sponsored a nursery for Goodwill employees, gave group tours of Goodwill Industries and much more.

1928: The official monthly newsletter named The Goodwill Bag was created and published locally.

1928: St. Paul Goodwill hired its first driver who used his personal Model T Ford to make collections and deliveries, because horse-drawn cart delivery became inefficient.

1929: St. Paul Goodwill Industries was forced to closed its doors due to sparse storerooms and high demand for work. They were able to re-open after only one week thanks to community support and donations 489 bags of clothing and 800 bags of papers.