Photo of four men holding a sign and a broom that states "Clean Sweep Week"

Floyd Rupp (L) during st. paul Goodwill industries and Jaycee Fire Prevention Week

1950: Floyd C. Rupp became the first
Vice-President of St. Paul Goodwill Industries.

1951: The Good Willy logo is introduced. Created by Milton Caniff, G-Willy with glowing smile was meant to symbolize the pride that comes with employment.

1952: Goodwill’s work was highlighted by the show “What’s Cookin’” hosted by Bernice Hulin on KSTP.

1952: 50th anniversary celebration of National Goodwill Industries.

1954: A series of four shows on the ‘Goodwill Way’ was aired on KSTP featuring Goodwill employees on the job in different departments.