3-in-1 Halloween costumes: Black top + pants

By Staff Blogger Mary Beth Casement
I bet you already own a basic black shirt and a pair of pants. If not Goodwill has hundreds of options! What kind of costumes can you create starting with these two staples? With some accessory magic, you can achieve plenty of fun looks.

Black Top + Black Pants = …

Add some fuzzy ears and a tail and MeOooow, you’re a Cat! Draw on some whiskers or pick up a stick-on pair at Goodwill. We also added a belt and bow tie for some extra pizzazz.

All it takes is a scarf and a sword to become a Ninja. Oh, and a fierce look and stealth moves don’t hurt either.

An off-the-shoulder tee, neon accessories and exaggerated makeup make for a fun 80s Dancer costume. We used bright blue eyeshadow and several coats of pink blush to achieve the look.