5 hats you need this fall

By Guest Blogger Zhenya Hutson

Hats are fun and can be great accessories that go with your outfits. There are plenty of cheap, funky styles at local thrift stores like Goodwill, but hats can be tricky at the same time. How do I style my hair when I wear a hat? How do I make sure the hat looks good? What do I wear it with? It’s no surprise that to a lot of us, especially living in Minnesota, hats come as a necessity first and an accessory second. We tend to want to be practical and warm with our fall/winter head gear. But how about stylish too? Today I’m going to share five looks that will make you want to reconsider your hat situation.

Staying true to our Minnesota weather, we are going to go from coolest to warmest, starting with …

1) The floppy

This is a flirty, feminine type. It’s a hat that is more of an accessory than any other. Wear it with dresses, jeans or leather jacket. It will make any outfit stand out. Besides, floppies are available in more colors than just black or brown. So have fun with them! And when in doubt, go for the deep blue ones.

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2) The menswear hat

A trend that is sticking around for yet another season is menswear. And fashionistas and bloggers all over the globe are wearing this particular style. It reminds me of the 90’s, the fun that I used to have as a child. It also empowers me, just like menswear should!

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3) The fun beanie

Now this hat can bring out the fun and inner child in anyone. Beanies look good on almost everyone. Wear them with your favorite sweater or jean jacket! They are extremely easy to style. Now who is your favorite cartoon character?

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4) The vintage one

For those of us who love adding vintage to our looks without going overboard a hat is a safe way to go. The one kind of a vintage hat that you can wear with almost any outfit is the beret. Looks great with a jean jackets or your favorite trench coat. It’s also a great way to add a feminine note to your look if you feel like you may be missing one.

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5) The Norwegian print

Going back to our roots (well some of our roots), and remembering the good Norwegian print. Such hats and scarves make perfect sets, without looking too matchy-matchy.

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I hope one of these styles appeals to you, and you can be 100% sure that these styles can be found in the local Goodwill, Gina + Will in Dinkytown or Second Debut.