5 Reasons to be Frugal in 2014

By Guest Blogger Charlie from Three Thrifty Guys
Many people this time of year will be looking at making New Year’s resolutions. We would like to suggest a resolution for you to consider. How about trying to be more frugal next year?

One of the ways we can get started down that path is for us to put the big “G” word back into our daily lives: Goodwill stores! We would like to show you a few reasons how committing to these principles might help to make your 2014 a life changing experience. Some of the benefits your local Goodwill store can help you in being more frugal in 2014 will be:


Families struggle to get by on very tight budgets. Most families budget $25-50/person/month for clothing. That’s $200-400/month for a family of 4. It’s tough to find one item in a clothing outlet under $25! Filling those needs for family members at a Goodwill store, where 90% off prices are common, can help families meet budget goals. You also will be modeling a frugal lifestyle for your kids, chances are they’ll go on to live a more frugal lifestyle and teach their kids the same. You can’t beat giving your kids a head start on good money management skills at a young age.

Flexibility and freedom

By saving money in one area of your budget over a period of time, it allows for you to have options to pay down debt or to put more away into savings or to give more to help out others who may be struggling. When you’re not servicing the consumer debt machine and constantly worrying about making it to the next paycheck, you have many more options in life. It can allow you the freedom to look into changing jobs, without feeling trapped by “having to” stay at your current job. You can choose to retire early or work into old age, if you want. Frugality opens up your choices.


It’s fun to find great deals, to learn new things, to find new ways to save, to do for yourself and to meet others who share the same goals. The more you work at it, the more fun it becomes. You become more confident and creative in seeking out your bargain buys. You will learn that buying items out of season may give you the best bargains, quality and selection.


Many people forget that your Goodwill store can be a treasure of bargains when it comes to furnishing your house. Many times the furniture you see coming through is of much better quality than you may be able to buy new. It’s sometimes hard to see all the quality items as they usually do not last very long on the store floor. You will also have opportunities, with your creativity to look beyond cosmetic blemishes on some items, and develop some better than new creations that can really help your budget.


Being faithful with the resources God has provided your family. By utilizing Goodwill stores, then you are able to stretch your dollars. You not only will be better able to help others in need, but just by shopping at the Goodwill store you are helping the people who work there and you are also helping keep an outlet available to families struggling.

So look how 2014 is shaping up for yourself, write down some goals and consider how being more frugal would help you meet those goals. Your local Goodwill store can help.

Have a blessed New Year!