Get organized before back to school

By Sarah Arneson, Retail Marketing Coordinator
Before summer winds down, pull out what the kids have outgrown, clear out the stuff they don’t need any more ...

Get organized before back to school

2015-07-27 15:49:59

Back-to-school = Closet cleanout time!

Before summer winds down, gear up to go back to school. But before you grab the school supply list and head out of the door, pull out what the kids have outgrown, clear out the stuff they don’t need any more and make room for the new arrivals. We’ve got some tips to help you get organized.


Get the family involved

Set up a bag or box, clearly labeled, for donations in an area your kids see every day. Let them know it’s time to donate anything they haven’t used in a year, outgrown or don’t want anymore. Leave the box or bag out for a week or two and let them know when it will be picked up or when you plan on dropping it off.



Create an incentive

Who doesn’t want an incentive to do something? Perhaps the incentive can be new clothes, new toy(s), or $5 to spend on something they want. Incentives are great motivators, and this could be the secret.

Give yourself time

This is not the type of project you need to spend an entire day on. And, who’d want to? We’ve got some simple steps to incorporate this activity into the other things you do to keep your house in order. For instance, when you’re folding laundry, take a peek at the clothing tags and make a note of the size. When putting them away, look at what’s in the back of the closet or bottom of the drawer. If it’s smaller than what you just washed and folded, add it to the donation bag. Notice the paint stain is still there? Add that shirtto the donation bag, too. Most thrift stores recycle textiles and are happy to take them in any condition, even if they can’t be sold in a store. After a few cycles of laundry, you’ll find you have a lot more space to put clothes away.

Now, the toy box

Toys can be tricky. And we know kids become attached to things that should have been tossed a while ago. Get the munchkins involved and have them sort out their own toys. For smaller children, have them show you all their toys that are for ‘babies’. Is this a big kid toy or a baby toy? Let them know that the baby toys are going to a place for babies and they keep their big kid toys. Don’t worry if the toys are in rough shape, again most thrift stores have recycling options even if the item is too “loved” to be resold.


Why buy new?

You’ll find children’s clothing at a fraction of the price of retail at your local thrift store. Goodwill offers a children’s day every Thursday. Kid’s toys and clothing with a blue, green, pink or yellow tag is 50% off the already low thrift price. Pinching pennies now will help cover those other costs that come up throughout the year like field trip fees, sports equipment and other extra-curricular supplies.

Start early, have a plan and involve the family. Following these easy steps will have your kid’s closets ready for back to school in no time.