Botanical prints: Translating the floral trend for men

By Sarah Arneson, Retail Marketing Coordinator
This season’s hottest trend is over-sized botanical prints. This ain’t your daddy’s golf shirt ...

Botanical prints: Translating the floral trend for men

2015-07-21 08:57:33

This season’s hottest trend is over-sized botanical prints. Detailed and dramatic leaves, large flowers with draping petals and lush colors on simple or stark backgrounds. This trend can be found in home decorating on wallpapers, prints and pillows. In fashion, you’ll find it on everything from skirts to swimwear, handbags and jewelry. Today, we’re going to translate this trend into men’s fashion. This ain’t your daddy’s golf shirt.

Start small

The neck tie has always been the spring board for more adventurous prints and colors in fashion. This is a great way to experiment without a huge expense or going too far outside of your comfort zone. Update a suit or blazer with a pop of color and interesting print. You can also add this in fun and subtle ways like botanical print socks, a kerchief or the band around a cap. If you like it, maybe you’re ready for the next level.

Ready for more?

One of the elements that makes this trend so elegant is the dark background. This creates a color anchor and adds to the sophistication and drama of the print. For this outfit, we started with a floral-print button-down top we found at our local Fridley Goodwill. With an over-sized floral print, you’ll find that you’ll have several colors within the print to coordinate your look. Select one or two colors to work with. Look for colors already in your wardrobe to make integrating into your style smoother.

We put a solid-colored, coordinating t-shirt underneath the printed top. We topped it off with a blazer and slacks in the color palette we created. To bring the color and print to the exterior of the outfit, we added a kerchief to the pocket. A folded tie, scarf or swatch of material will work as a makeshift kerchief. Or you can add a flower to the lapel. The more contrast between the kerchief and blazer the better. This will help the color stand out and tie it back to the botanical print of the top.

Updating your style and experimenting with a trend doesn’t have to be a chore. Start small and simple. It’s all a matter of taking elements that you like and working it into your wardrobe. And if you change your mind? You can always donate it and start on the next trend.