Cheap and easy fall décor

Fall is a great time of year to update your décor. As the leaves change, you find inspiration all around. But if you’re like me, you want to update without breaking the bank! I went to my local Goodwill to look for autumn décor with budget friendly prices.

Let’s start with color. When thrifting various items the best way to pull everything together is with color. When I think of fall, I see golden yellows, warm shades of orange, deep reds, soft greens and rustic browns. So when I shop for fall, I look for these hues.

When I’m changing the look of my home, I start in the kitchen and dining room. They’re the most popular rooms in the house and help set the mood for the rest of the season. How much you decorate is up to you. It’s surprising how simple a centerpiece and tablecloth can change the look and feel of a room. I found this pale gold tablecloth along with the yellow leaf plates, pumpkins, plate and potpourri all at the Maplewood Goodwill. The cost of the whole set up? Less than $20!

Next I updated the living room. I kept it simple by adding throw pillows and blanket in an autumn color-scheme.

I used the same warm tones in the bedroom as well. I have an eclectic style, but you can see how color unites a collection of odds and ends.

With a quick trip to my Goodwill and an autumn color palette in mind I was able to spruce up the look of my home and get inspired for fall. What are your fall home decorating tips? Share in the comment section below!