Cheap vacation wear

By Guest Blogger Sarah Carlson
It’s mid-winter, time to escape to somewhere warm! Here’s how to get great family vacation wear for less and put those saved dollars towards your dream trip.

Cheap vacation wear

2016-02-29 12:23:27

It’s mid-winter and we all have one thing on our minds: escape to somewhere warm! So if you’re planning to thaw out a little this season, here’s how you can grab some great family vacation wear for less and put those saved dollars towards your dream trip.

Of course, I started at Goodwill. You know, strictly for research purposes (wink, wink). I found some great options for our trip to Florida this spring.

Shorts and capris. These are your staples. I love that you can find a variety of brands, fabrics and styles all in one place. You can find relaxed fit linen capris or leggings if you prefer, all in the same spot.

Next, tops and cover-ups. I found some basic shirts that are great for layering or just throwing on to head to the pool. Cover-ups are also wonderful options for putting on over your swimsuit to make the commute from room to beach. Grab a dressier cover-up that can serve as a swimwear cover-up and as a dress.

Got swimwear? The kids have most likely outgrown their swimwear from last summer. Not only does Goodwill have a great selection of swimwear, many times it is brand new.

And don’t forget to check out footwear! It’s fun to grab a new pair (or three) of shoes for a vacation. I’m going to bring a dressy pair of heels, flats, and of course sandals. It’s nice to show off the toes again.

And how are you going to get all your new (to you) spring and summer wear to your vacation destination? Check out the luggage section while you’re at Goodwill. I’ve found some great pieces in amazing shape for super cheap. Plus, there’s a nice selection of beach bags and those are always handy.

Going on vacation can be expensive. So being frugal with your vacation wear purchases can go a long way. What tips do you have for savvy vacation shopping?