Costume ideas already in your closet

Written by Sarah Carlson,
Learn about Halloween costume ideas you might already have in your closet!

Costume ideas already in your closet

2016-10-01 06:17:09

By Sarah Carlson,

Let’s face it, Halloween costumes aren’t always on the top of our to-do lists. I am completely guilty of putting out the fires that need to be put out and then never tending to the things that will eventually need to get done. So when it comes to putting together Halloween costumes, we’re usually into the last couple days before October 31st before we even start thinking about what everyone is going to be.

That’s really not ideal, I know, but that’s just how it works out. And in those last hours before trick-or-treating, we scour the internet for ideas for costumes to make out of what we already have (because let’s be honest, everything’s pretty much gone at this point in the game)! So what types of costumes does that leave? Here are some go-to ideas that you can throw together with what you may already have in your closet or you could easily find at Goodwill.

Minions – Got a yellow shirt and overalls? You’re halfway there! Just find a yellow stocking cap, a black headband, and create big googly eyes out of canning lids or any other lids you may have laying around. Presto! Instant minion.

Superhero – You can pretty much make any superhero out of items you already have at home. Just use simple staples like black pants or leggings, a solid colored shirt (black for Batman, blue for Superman, red for Flash, etc.) add a colored sheet or piece of fabric for a cape, maybe a belt to match and then use colored tape to create the official chest logo of that Superhero.

Crayons – This costume only requires that you find a shirt and pants of a similar color, although the closer the better. Make a pointed hat out of construction paper, and use black electrical tape to spell out ‘Crayon’ on the tummy. You could also print off black letters if you’re feeling motivated.

Skeleton – Along the same lines as the crayon, a skeleton requires black pants and a black shirt. From there, use white tape to draw ‘bones’ as you’d see on a skeleton. If it helps, search for an image online and use that as your guideline. Then, tape away!

Scarecrow – This costume relies on the fact that you hopefully have a flannel shirt somewhere in one of your closets. Pull it out, dust it off, and pair it with jeans, a floppy hat, and face paint. As an added bonus, tucking in some straw here and there will really complete the look!

Scuba Diver – Grab two 2-Liter pop bottles, spray paint them whatever color you might have on hand, then use black tape to tape them together. This is your scuba gear. Dress in black pants, a black shirt, and don’t forget your biggest swim goggles! If you’ve got it on hand, a nice touch would be flippers or a snorkel!

If you’re already thinking that you’ll probably be throwing together a last minute costume, it’s not a bad idea to grab a set of face paint next time you’re shopping. It can transform any outfit into an amazing costume and it’s cheap enough that you can afford to grab it… you know… just in case.

Happy Halloween!