Goodwill-Easter Seals announces new partnership with Cub Foods for Retail Skills Training

By Brian Boese, Communications Coordinator
Read how the new partnership offers advantages to our participants.

Goodwill-Easter Seals announces new partnership with Cub Foods for Retail Skills Training

2016-05-02 15:14:28

Cub Foods partnership offers advantages to participants.

A new partnership with Cub Foods will give Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota’s Retail Training participants some big advantages.

Cub Foods is happy to be involved in the program. “I’m very excited for it,” says LuAnn Herzog, a recruiter from Cub Foods’ Human Resources department, whose connection with our Retail Skills Training program and Business Advisory Council was helpful in creating the partnership. “I’m hoping we can give people the skills they need to succeed,” she explains. She also doesn’t rule out the possibility of students finding jobs at Cub Foods.

Cub Foods’ LuAnn Herzog

One advantage LuAnn sees for participants is that Cub Foods encourages people to learn many parts of the business. “We’re getting folks involved in more than just groceries,” she says. “They get exposed to the entire business.”

“It’s a different experience for our students and offers different opportunities,” explained Chris Souza, Goodwill-Easter Seals’ Workforce Development Supervisor. “Our participants can get involved in a variety of capacities.”

Chris Souza

One of the students in the first class at Cub Foods is Jasmine, who was excited about the skills she was learning and the new opportunities for her future.

“The training has been great,” Jasmine said. “I think it will help me wherever I go.”

Jasmine with Career Specialist Lynn Albright

Another advantage the relationship offers is the variety of locations for training that are possible. The first training class is being held in Apple Valley, but Cub Foods is open to using different locations.

Retail Skills Training is an eight-week program where students learn cash handling skills, sales skills and how to work with customers. Anyone interested in more information can contact our intake coordinator at 651-379-5625.

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