DIY makeup or jewelry organizer

By Guest Blogger Sarah Carlson
My bathroom has gotten a little cluttered lately. I keep getting more and more makeup and beauty items and they just pile up on top of each other. I can never find what I’m looking for and when I do, I’ve wasted time and made a mess. It was a problem that needed a solution, so I set out to find a thrifty way to organize all my beauty products!

I browsed through the aisles of my local Goodwill to find the perfect pieces for my project. I wanted to find something that would give me the space to store all of these items, but I also wanted it to look pretty and elegant so that it would blend in with the rest of my bathroom theme.

When I rounded the corner of the glassware aisle, I spotted two green, vintage, glass goblets. They were perfect. They had beautiful detailing and nice sturdy bases, and would be just the ticket to my organization success!

Before I start the tutorial, I must share the ‘before’ photo of the green goblets:

Step 1

Wash the glassware with warm soapy water to get off any dirt or grime. Dry completely.

Step 2

Find a spray paint color that you love. For me, this was metallic silver, very glamorous! Then spray paint your glassware! It took me three go’s at this to completely cover all the green, and that was over the course of two days. Don’t layer on the paint too thick or it will run and you’ll have drips. Allow each coat to dry before you paint on another.

Step 3

Once the paint is dry, grab the hot glue gun. You’re going to place glue on the bottom of the base that will be stacked inside, and then set into place. This will ensure that the stacked glass is not going anywhere!

Step 4

Load up your makeup (or jewelry, or whatever!) and enjoy your newly organized bathroom!

Do you have a twist on this, or maybe a different use for this little creation? Leave a comment and you just might be someone’s inspiration!