DIY Super Bowl party decor

DIY Super Bowl party decor

2017-01-30 14:19:46

Prepping for a Super Bowl party can include anything from just breaking out some chips and salsa to much more elaborate ideas. We propose meeting in the middle: Sprinkle some DIY decor among your crockpots and chip trays.

One way to set the mood for football is to change the look of everyday items. Take this napkin holder, for example:

“Penalty Flags” instead of napkins. Via Kara’s Party Ideas.

Sure, you could just use standard napkins and napkin holders… but why not spice things up? The napkin holder itself is a small pail that could easily be obtained from a nearby Goodwill store, and the sticker could be printed out and taped on or you could use chalkboard paint and actual chalk. It’s up to you.

How about silverware holders or caddies? This fun idea instantly establishes a football theme:

Football silverware caddies! Via Brit+Co.

You can use the cans from beans or other canned items likely being used in Super Bowl food-prep, or you could even wrap a pint glass or another tube-shaped Goodwill find.

You’ll find all the instructions to make football silverware caddies here.

How about the food itself? What are some creative ideas you might be able to pull off? We found this one at Amy’s Party Ideas:

This festive chip tray was converted into a delicious football stadium by Amy’s Party Ideas.

While the idea isn’t too difficult (in theory), it might be easier to just mimic pieces of this idea.

  1. Find a square or rectangle-shaped chip tray.
  2. Find some green felt or green construction paper.
  3. Cut that green felt or construction paper to fit the central portion of your chip/snack tray.
  4. If you’re in a hurry, skip the yard lines.
  5. Create the “players” using small juice glasses or shot glasses filled with queso and salsa.

Whatever you end up doing, make sure you plan ahead (at least a little bit) so you’re not left scrambling. Don’t forget, whether you go big on party decorating or take a more subdued approach, you’ll save a lot of green if you buy your supplies at your local Goodwill.