DIY: Witch makeup 101

By Staff Blogger Mary Beth Casement
Are you going for the witch look this Halloween? If so, there’s much more to it than merely a broom and hat. If you want to be a convincing witch, you’ve got to go all out! Luckily, we can show you how in a few easy steps.


  • White, black and green cream makeup
  • Sponge and cotton swabs to apply makeup
  • Black eye shadow
  • Eye liner pencil
  • Mascara
  • Face powder


  1. Start with the eyes. Apply the black cream makeup, starting at the lash line and up to the crease of the eye. Use a Q-tip or your finger to apply.
  2. Use eyeliner to outline upper and lower eyelids.
  3. Use green cream makeup, first applying from cheekbones up to eye shadow.
  4. Use more green cream makeup and apply to remainder of face, leaving contours of cheekbones blank.
  5. Blend green, white and black cream makeup to produce a darker green cream. Then apply dark green cream makeup to cheekbones for definition.
  6. Powder the face so all cream makeup stays in place.
  7. Use more black eye shadow on eyes for dramatic effect.
  8. Apply mascara to top and bottom eyelashes.
  9. Use black eyeliner to outline the lips.
  10. Use black cream makeup to fill in lips.

And there you have it! All you need are three colors of cream makeup, eye makeup, and powder. Something so simple that literally takes less than 10 minutes can absolutely transform your look from “Oh, nice witch costume” to “WHOA! You ARE a witch!”

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