Create a DIY zombie costume on a budget

Create a DIY zombie costume on a budget

2016-10-05 06:42:00

Zombies can be scary. Zombies can be playful (sometimes). One thing a zombie shouldn’t be is expensive or difficult to create. We were inspired by the zombies (and perhaps zombie costumes) from our Goodwill stores to explore how you can inexpensively create your own zombie look for Halloween or the Zombie Pub Crawl.

We found this frightfully well-decorated zombie at our St. Paul store.So let’s examine the basics of what you’ll need:

So let’s examine the basics of what you’ll need to become a DIY zombie for your Halloween costume:

  • Pale skin (use white makeup)
  • Dark raccoon-looking eyes (use black makeup)
  • Tattered and torn sleeves and clothing
Save your clothes and apply these pre-bloodied gauze strips to your look.
  • Blood on clothing (use red accents/red makeup or use fake blood from a bottle)
Fake blood is something you’ll find at any Goodwill near you!
  • Messy hair (could be just plain, messy, hair – or you could mess it up and use hairspray to keep in place)
More St. Paul zombies. Who knew the undead were so prevalent in St. Paul?

Perhaps you’re looking for a slightly more formal look as your perfect zombie costume. If that’s the case, look no further than the zombie bride costume we feature here:

All you’d need is the perfect groom to go with this look and you’d be set!

No matter what look you’re going for, if it’s zombie-related there’s no better place to get your start than the nearest Goodwill store!