Don’t put your summer clothes away yet

Just because fall is here, doesn’t mean you have to pack up your delightful summer clothes. You can still wear your favorite shorts – just add tights and pumps for an amazing look that will be warm as the weather cools down.

I found these snazzy plaid wool shorts with blingy buttons on the sides at Goodwill. I paired these shorts with an elegant champagne-colored blouse with a tie front, smart tan pumps, a cool suede blazer and sporty tan gloves.

By adding layers to your fun summer clothes, you get more use out of your wardrobe. And you won’t have to wait another year to wear your favorite shorts or pretty sundress (like this classy red sundress I found at the St. Paul Goodwill).

To me, nothing is more elegant than a red dress with black accessories, like this red sundress with a pretty black sweater and shiny black boots. I found (new!) comfy leggings, a shiny black belt and a slick clutch to pull the look together. This is a fun fall look that you can wear just about anywhere.

Not only do you save money by shopping at Goodwill, it allows you to experiment with things you wouldn’t normally buy and that leads to an original wardrobe. You can show up at a party without wearing the same shirt or dress as someone else.

Shopping at Goodwill is also eco-friendly because the gently used items are recycled; they find a new home and don’t end up in a landfill.

So, in one trip to Goodwill I was able to extend two of my favorite summer looks into fall by layering with new leggings, boots and outerwear. I found several of my favorite brands, which if I would’ve bought new, I would’ve had to go to 3 or more stores. Share your story; what great bargains have you found at Goodwill?