Employment Training & Education works

Photo of a goodwill participant that graduated from Goodwill's Automotive Technician Training program.

By Staff Blogger LaDonna Seely
After more than 20 years in the janitorial industry, Glen was forced into a career change. Remembering how he liked tinkering with cars, he found his way to our Automotive Service Technician Training program. Glen stood out as a star participant, showing up every day with a positive attitude and encouraging others to be successful. It was contagious!

When he first walked through the doors of Goodwill/Easter Seals, Glen said he was in a very bad place mentally. He felt like everything was against him. As his training progressed, Glen’s outlook began to change.

With the support of Goodwill/Easter Seals, Glen created success for himself and his family. Glen eventually found employment at the Jiffy Lube in West St. Paul where his manager says he has become his best employee in just four short months. He also says Glen shows up to work every day with a smile and hardworking attitude. In fact, Glen’s example has led his manager to hire two additional graduates from our program.

Glen wants to be successful at his new career, so he is continuing his education at St. Paul College, where many of his credits from Goodwill/Easter Seals training program transferred.

Glen is grateful for the hand up he received from the automotive training program, so now he gives back. He has shared his story with every class since he graduated. He is an example of the transformation that takes place when someone has the opportunity to experience the power of work.