Fashion Fix client challenge: Be your best self

Meet client Kara! Kara is a gem of woman living here in the Twin Cities raising a gaggle of children. She came to Fashion Fix wanting to step out of her comfort zone and start being her best self this year. That meant exploring new ways to wear her wardrobe, and new ways to shop for style. She had been allowing her self to wear what she called, ‘the same thing all the time’. Or wearing clothes that were frumpy, dumpy and out of date. I took Kara to the Goodwill in Bloomington and taught her 3 ways she can start breaking free of her old cycle.

1. Accessorize.
Wearing an accessory everyday takes your look from “okay” to “hey … look at that cute outfit!” I like to call accessories the icing on the cake or that last dash of spice that makes an outfit really good! Plus putting on that last little piece will not only make you look good but will help you feel good, too. You’ll be proud of yourself when you put in the effort!

2. Layer.
When you are trying get creative and have fun with your wardrobe this a great place to start! I love pairing a blazer back to denim or pairing a denim jacket with a dressy top. You can mix and match whats already in your closet in endless ways. Don’t have a black blazer or denim jacket? Great news, your nearest Goodwill has one for you

3. Color.
It’s time to step out of the box and into the rainbow! Getting a pop of color into your look is a huge mood booster and style enhancer. If wearing color is new to you, I recommend starting with jewel tones. Jewel tones are flattering on almost all skin tones, complexions, and hair colors. What’s also great about these colors is that they are easy to mix with with each other and the neutrals that already exist in your closet!