Fashion Fix client challenge : Warming up with style

This time of the year, we Minnesotans have a battle between our wardrobes and the winter. Am I right!?! There is that struggle between staying warm and staying stylish. I am the first one to say that when it’s -10 degrees outside “I’ve got no time to look cute for anyone!” But that attitude isn’t always an option. We still have school functions, luncheons, shopping with the girls, date night, work parties, etc. The cold and snow doesn’t always stop our social lives, which do require us to put on something other than snow pants and hoodies!

So, what do you do? What do you wear? I took my client to the Maple Grove Goodwill and found her some solutions!

Scarfs and cowl necks
Finding tops that have a cozy cowl neck can make a huge impact on style and comfort. They give you warmth and your wardrobe that needed detail. A scarf can be a great accessory for your holiday events. Add them to a dress for a dressed up look, but avoid that overdressed feeling!

I am obsessed with this layering piece. It works magic in your closet, I promise. This a great piece that will give warmth and fashion to every outfit. Try a variety of fabrics to fit your occasion. Opt for the velvet blazer when you hit up the holiday concert or show. A cotton blazer is great for your daytime events!

Long cardigans
This should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. You can take this garment from a cozy-coffee-stay-at-home kind of day, to a holiday dinner with the family kind of night. It layers great with blouses, tees, dresses and skirts. The options are endless for this winter must-have!