FAST program recognized by

At the Ramsey County board of commissioners meeting, GESMN’s FAST program received the 2019 award for excellence.

FAST program recognized by Ramsey County board

2019-06-10 16:05:00

At the Ramsey County board of commissioners meeting last week, GESMN’s FAST program received the 2019 award for excellence, presented by Commissioner Toni Carter (pictured above) from District 4. FAST is a unique, highly collaborative and culturally informed service model within Ramsey County Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) extension services. FAST offers several family-based services from a variety of providers in one location.

Ramsey Country Workforce Solutions Director Ling Becker showed gratitude to GESMN employees saying, “Thank you to all of you for your tremendous leadership, hard work and commitment to serving Ramsey County residents. Partnerships such as FAST are absolutely critical for our community and I honor you all for your values role in this important work.”

FAST X leverages resources to quickly meet participant needs and maximize results. Within the collaborative GESMN provides Individualized Placement and Support (IPS) services. Participants work with GESMN career specialists who take time to get to know them. The approach to this program is grounded in hospitality, respect and dignity for families.

GESMN IPS provides:

  • A continuum of employment support, from resume development to job coaching
  • Tailored job development, matching job seekers’ interests
  • Flexibility in meeting space
  • Assistance for as long as desired

Congratulations to the FAST program for this well-deserved recognition!

If you are interested in learning more or talking with a career specialist, see details here.