Finding everyday items at Goodwill

Written by Aaron of Three Thrifty Guys
Learn how you can find everyday household items at Goodwill.

Finding everyday items at Goodwill

2016-11-25 07:12:46

Guest blog written by Aaron of Three Thrifty Guys

One of my favorite things to do while shopping at Goodwill and other thrift stores is to scan the aisles looking for hidden treasures. With all the items dropped off every day (Goodwill adds over 1,000 items to the stores daily!), you just never know what will show up.

I recall reading about this guy who found a timepiece at a Goodwill and noticed that it was actually a rare diving watch. He plopped down the $5.95 asking price and then promptly sold it for $35,000. While these major finds are rare – it does keep me intrigued every time I visit thrift stores.

The other day while browsing my neighborhood Goodwill, I stumbled on a few other items that caught me a bit by surprise: brand-new, packaged goods. I guess I was surprised because I generally think of the thrift store as selling only used or slightly used items – never anything still in its package (yet this does happen – I’ll often find CDs, clothing with tags, etc.).

It’s cold and flu season in Minnesota – so why not load up on vitamins found at Goodwill!

The items I found on this visit were common, everyday-type items. From hardware goods to beauty. And many of these items were at dollar store pricing.

If you have general household repair needs, we recommend starting at Goodwill before going to the local hardware store.

In one aisle, I found household items on the shelves – things like cleaning supplies. All were brand new. While generic, many of the items were regular sized and priced as low as $1.99.

Cleaners, detergent, degreasers, and more. These are just some of the new items you’ll find at Goodwill.

In another aisle were health and beauty items. Band-aids with cartoon characters and gel and shampoo at the $1.99 price tag.

Brand new health and beauty items can be a pleasant find. Note the men’s deodorant, the brushes, hair coloring, and more above.

I also spotted some hardware goods. Metal and plastic clips – as well as small cans of paint sat on the shelf. I never expected to find these package-sealed items at a thrift store.

All this to say – while you might be on the lookout for traditional items at Goodwill, you just never know what you might find around the aisle!