Gardening Supplies at Goodwill

We’re quickly coming up on the average last frost/freeze date for Minnesota, and that means it’s time to get those plants in the ground!

Here’s a look at average last frost dates for Minnesota (and the United States as a whole):

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See all of that blue over Minnesota? That’s signifying an average last frost date in central/southern Minnesota of May 1 to May 15. With lots of 70s or warmer in the forecast for Minneapolis, that means it’s time for gardening.

So what kinds of gardening supplies can you find at your local Goodwill store? We visited our Apple Valley store to find out.

Even the most impatient of gardeners can find something at their local Goodwill that’ll help grow that green thumb!

Need gardening gloves? How about a basket to hang from your porch with flowers blooming out of it? Twine for bundling branches and other yard debris? It’s all there.

Gardening gloves, twine, hummingbird feeders, hanging flower baskets, and more. This is just one section of gardening supplies.

There’s more than just those types of things, though. When we visited the Apple Valley store (and you’ll find things like this at any Goodwill store) we even saw a Statue of David head:

Who wouldn’t want that in their garden?

If you’re still looking for more practical ideas for gardening, here are some additional finds:

Trowels, lawn spinners, hedge trimmers. There’s something for everyone when it comes to gardening at Goodwill.

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