Goodwill Designs New KSTP-TV Set

In early August, KSTP-TV debuted a new in-studio set, with furniture and decor from Goodwill stores.
Photo of KSTP set which includes a couch, chairs, lamps and bookshelves.

GESMN Designs New KSTP-TV Set

2019-08-09 13:59:00

In early August, KSTP-TV debuted a new in-studio set, with furniture and décor from Goodwill-Easter Seals stores. Everything from pillows to picture frames were carefully curated and sourced from various stores around Minnesota.

The redesigned set is in a previously underused part of the studio, behind the main set you see on your television. Looking for a creative way to use the space, KSTP and GESMN partnered to create a one-of-a-kind space for reporters and photographers to shoot stories and conduct interviews.

"KSTP wanted something that was homey, yet modern, similar to the feel of the set of Twin Cities Live," explains Jaime Evenson, the interior designer who brought the vision to life. "They also wanted to add some depth to the space, so we started by adding a faux brick wall for some texture. The space needed to photography beautifully."

With a directive to make a camera-friendly backdrop with multiple seating options and backgrounds, Jaime went to work.

“We were excited about the offer from Goodwill to use recycled items in the space and the opportunity to work with a professional designer,” says Kate Bendell, marketing manager at KSTP-TV. “We didn’t have a budget for materials, let alone someone with Jaime’s expertise. She took on the challenge of designing multiple elements within a very small space that would showcase well on TV. Not an easy task!”

Everything from promotional spots, commercial shoots, interviews for special reports and social media videos will be filmed in the new set. “The sky is the limit because the space now looks professional!” Kate says.

Asked how the crew at KSTP feels about the redesign, Bendell says, “We were stunned! We had no idea this was possible and are thrilled!”

"The space is modern and gives off a welcoming, comfortable vibe," says Jaime. "It is versatile so anyone can really feel comfortable in the space speaking about a variety of topics on television."

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The new KSTP set can be seen locally in the Twin Cities on channel 5 and online at

Interior design is by Jaime Evenson. Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram or on her website.