Goodwill Halloween: This is not a costume

Learn about how your costume purchases at Goodwill can help change a person's life.

Goodwill Halloween: This is not a costume

2016-09-29 06:53:38

Goodwill: Your Halloween Headquarters. It’s true, you can definitely find your Instagram-worthy costume at Goodwill, but we’re more than just a place to buy costume supplies.

Our programs and services are funded in large part by our stores, and that means when you buy a Halloween costume at your local Goodwill store you’re helping a person change their life.

Meet Jennifer, who’s traveled an amazing path from prison to being one of just five female piledrivers in Minnesota:

Jennifer at work on the new St. Croix Bridge

When you buy an outfit for Halloween or just day-to-day wear, you’re helping create a win-win-win. You’re getting a great batch of clothes, you’re diverting clothing from the landfill, and you’re helping fund someone’s life-changing training or services.

Watching the video above is a great way to get an idea of how your purchases at Goodwill stores can help change someone’s life. You can learn more about Jennifer’s story by watching that video and also by reading her story here.