Goodwill hunting: Inspired by Katy Perry

I love how unique Katy Perry is. She strikes me as someone who is a real person … quirky, funny, someone who tries not to care what people think, and someone who definitely has a style of her own. Now, I wouldn’t want to copy all of her outfits, after all my kids might get embarrassed if I dropped them off at school in a cupcake dress, but this outfit is definitely one that I wanted to copy – with my own twist, of course.



Now here’s my Goodwill Version – everything from Goodwill except the socks!

Katy inspiration 1

Katy inspiration 2

My daughter has taken up cheerleading. It’s a fun sport for her, it teaches her rhythm (which doesn’t always come naturally), and discipline, and it’s given her a nice boost of self confidence. Why am I telling you this, you ask? Well, her classes just happen to be three blocks from a Goodwill. So, every Thursday, I drop her off, wish her well, and march myself over to do a little thrift shopping.

It’s amazing what you can find when you only have 40 minutes to thrift. I have settled on a plan on how to conquer all two floors of the store in 40 minutes. I start with shoes … I always start with shoes. And trust me, there have been some days when Target must have just dropped off a shipment, because one Thursday, I got about seven brand new pairs of Target shoes for $2 each. I digress … I start with shoes. I then move on to dresses (and again, I have hit quite the jackpot on dresses, the one I’m wearing here included). Being a Minnesota gal, I then move on to winter coats, then sweaters, and I finish the first floor with jeans. Man, you’d be amazed at the fabulous jeans I’ve found there. Bonus, you don’t have to break them in!

Then I move upstairs, which might be my favorite part. I could peruse home goods for hours, but like I said, I only have 40 minutes. Last week, I found an original Kaj Franck enamel mixing bowl for $5. Yep, $5, do you believe that??? I usually have my cart stuffed with goodies by now, and then I head to the kids’ department. I never buy new clothes for my kids. I swear to you they must walk on their knees at school! Thrifted clothing for growing kids just makes more sense, doesn’t it?

After I finish the upstairs, I hop in the elevator, and pay for all my treasures. And it’s usually just in time to pick my daughter up. The night is good for everyone…kids get a little play and exercise, and mama gets a little retail therapy. Win/Win!

What’s your favorite section to shop at Goodwill?


Megan bird