Goodwill Showcases Eco-Friendly

Gina + Will and Second Debut joined Innovations for their 2018 fashion show.

Goodwill Showcases Eco-Friendly Style on the Runway

2018-05-23 16:09:00
Young woman poses on runway wearing blue coat from Gina + Will
Young man poses on runway in jeans, button-up and vest from Gina + Will

Gina + Will looks styled by Janay Henry | Photos by Alex Butterfield

The fashion industry alone is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions, and they know they need a change. Top companies are transforming how they produce their goods and encouraging a culture of reuse — and the spirit of greener fashion is reflected in the Twin Cities scene too, especially at the annual Innovations Fashion Show.

At the center of the show is the Eco Design Challenge, where student designers are challenged to create looks with unconventional materials and sustainable techniques. (Among other garments, 2018’s show featured a dress made with recycled window screens and a shirt with buttons made from avocado pits.) Innovations show organizers know that shopping second hand is shopping green, so in addition to the student showcase, they host a Stylist Design Challenge in partnership with local thrift stores.

Mature woman modeling casual clothes and statement earrings from Second Debut
Mature woman poses on runway in wide-leg trousers and t-shirt

Second Debut looks styled by Shayne Barsness | Photos by Alex Butterfield

Goodwill boutiques Gina + Will and Second Debut joined the show this year to provide runway-ready thrift finds. “This was our third year in a row participating,” explains Danielle Stager, the store manager at Gina + Will. “We partner with the stylists to let them know our store ‘vibe’ — that way the models will represent what we sell while still allowing the stylist’s own point of view to come through.”