As seen on WCCO: Goodwill’s 2016 National Halloween Poll

Learn about 2016's Goodwill National Halloween Poll findings and how Minnesota is a little bit different.

As seen on WCCO: Goodwill’s 2016 National Halloween Poll

2016-10-12 06:19:00

What’s the most popular costume in Minnesota or the United States this year? Is it the witch costume? The pirate costume? Ghostbusters? We were excited to be invited to Ali Lucia’s WCCO segment, Get Movin’ Monday, to talk about Halloween costumes you’ll find in Minneapolis/St. Paul (and elsewhere) for $20 or less.

It’s always fun to see how Halloween trends change from year to year and every year Goodwill takes a National Halloween Poll to learn the changes. Let’s dive right into it:

  • Do-it-yourself costumes are more popular (57%) than a year ago (51%) over packaged, all-inclusive costumes.
  • Funny costumes are the popular choice this year (16%), followed by minimalist (12%), iconic/classic (12%), and group costumes (9%).
  • Nearly one in ten adults favor matching or group costumes this year – 9% of all adults and 14% of millennials are looking for friend, family or significant other group attire.
  • 30% of adults plan to attend and purchase a costume for a costume party
    • 50% of millennials will attend/purchase a costume for a social event
  • 12% of adults plan to attend and purchase a costume for a work-related party
    • 24% of millennials 18 – 35 will attend and purchase a costume for the workplace
  • 40% of parents who take their children trick or treating will accompany them wearing a costume this year
  • 67% of adults with children in their household under age 18 plan to purchase costumes for these children to do trick-or-treating or other activities
    • 75% of adults 35 – 44 with children in their household plan the same…
  • Half (51%) of adults this year believe that a political costume would not make a positive impression
    • 4% of adults would select as their top choice a political costume this year.
A variety of costumes at our West St. Paul Goodwill store. Note Little Red Riding Hood on the right.

These are fun results to browse – but it’s also interesting to note how Minnesotans are different from, say, our West Coast counterparts in Washington and California.

Note the differences within Minnesota first: Adult women prefer to be witches, while adult men prefer to be gangsters. Compared to the national trend of pirates being the top choice and gangsters being near the bottom, that’s a big difference (over 12 times higher preference for gangsters in Minnesota vs. national).

If you look at the costume trends among Minnesota teens, you’ll notice more large differences from the national trends in Minnesota:

Among national teen females, vampire and cat costumes are tops in 2016, while in Minnesota it’s witches. Among national teen males, zombies are the top costume by far. In Minnesota zombies still top, but vampire and Pokemon costumes are right up there!

How about the differences between kids in Minnesota and the national trends?

In both Minnesota and nationally, the top female child choice is the princess costume. For male children it’s Ninja Turtles in Minnesota, while nationally it’s tied between the Spiderman, ninja warrior and vampire costumes.

Lots of differences – but that’s what makes things interesting! Make sure you enter whatever costume you choose into our Halloween Costume Contest for a chance at one of five $100 Goodwill gift cards!