Halloween costumes for groups

Photo of 2 women dressed up in Batman and Robin costumes

By Staff Blogger Mary Beth Casement
Dressing up for Halloween is inherently fun, but some costumes are even better when you create them together. So grab a group of friends or your family members and pick a fun group costume!

What will it be? A pack of pirates? A rock band? A bunch of brain-craving zombies? A box of crayons? The cast of the Wizard of Oz? The possibilities are virtually endless, but we’ve simplified a few go-to group costumes for you.


Because sometimes going out in public dressed in as a fictional character is made all the easier with the help of friends! When your friends are also superheroes you get an automatic spandex support group. That way, if your Superman top doesn’t show off a pack of perfectly chiseled abs (unless it’s the kind that comes with built-in abs, which we find perfectly acceptable), you can surround yourself with a six pack of friends! Or two, or twelve, it’s really up to you and your crew.


Need a quick and easy pirate look? Check out our “Costumes: Easy as 1-2-3” video. Because a pack of pirates is better than one. Also, the others might put up with your peg leg and pirate banter longer than the average human.


I think we’ve heard this one before … but hey, you can do each others’ makeup and it will be super fun. Speaking of makeup, check out our video for tips on achieving the Zombie Look.

Rock band

Pick a quirky band name and let each person put their own individual twist on their look, OR model your band after an existing legend. We’ve seen some great DIY group costumes over the years – Disney princesses, a box of crayons, a “deck” of cards, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Flintstones …what’s the most creative group costume you’ve ever seen? Tweet us @GoodwillMN #GoodwillHalloween!