Help for central MN vets

By Staff Blogger LaDonna Seely
According to a recent Star Tribune article (“Veterans forgoing use of county services centers across Minnesota,” Paul Levy, April 17, 2014), county offices offering assistance to veterans continue to see a decline in the number returning soldiers seeking help. Pride may be one reason. The Internet may be another.

Maybe our soldiers and their families just aren’t aware of the services and programs available to them. That’s why we’ve hired a full-time Military Services Coordinator dedicated to providing access to critical services for our St. Cloud area veterans, military members, and their families.

Shelby Hadley will lead our efforts, assisting our military service members, veterans and their families by navigating the array of community networks and resources available to them through case management and advocacy.

Over the past several months, community leaders from military, business, education, non-profit, healthcare and government arenas have met to identify those areas where improved military support was needed including: employment, education, housing, health care, information and assistance, fellowship and mentoring, access to technology, and government resources.

Hadley served for nine years as air traffic controller with the Army National Guard. She has been deployed twice, first to Bosnia in 2004 and then Iraq in 2009. Most recently, she worked for St. Cloud Metro Bus as a Supervisor and then as a Match Support Coordinator for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Hadley holds a bachelor’s degree in Community Psychology from St. Cloud State University and is currently enrolled in the MBA program.

Goodwill-Easter Seals would like to thank Mary Jo Pine with the St. Cloud VA Health Care System, and Maj. John Donovan, Camp Ripley public affairs officer, for helping us with the selection process for this position.

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