Helping create independence – a note from the president

We’re a nation that cherishes its independence. During July the entire country stops for a day and celebrates that independence with parades and fireworks and barbecues.

At Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota we get to see the meaning of independence up close. At a personal level. We see it in the faces of our participants when they graduate from a training program and head off to start a new career. Or when they land the job they wanted after spending weeks or months working to overcome a barrier they were facing.

The effort and determination that we see from our participants as they strive for their independence is nothing short of inspiring. We’re thrilled that we can support their efforts.

In 2014 we were able to make it possible for over 22,000 people to eliminate barriers to independence and employment. Their individual stories reflect what those 22,000 each went through. One of those stories is Sabrina’s, who is featured this month. She went from being homeless to becoming one of our 2014 Participants of the Year.

Sabrina, like more than 42 percent of our participants, received intensive program services. They include an individualized plan and long-term support to acquire work, maintain employment or independence or advance in their careers.

There are a variety of ways we work to help people achieve independence. Because each participant is unique, each receives a unique combination of services.

We are able to provide these comprehensive services thanks to the incredible generosity of our donors, supporters, staff, volunteers, business partners and shoppers. Because of these amazing people we are able to provide help where it’s needed most.

Thank you all for helping us to create that independence.