High school students get work-readiness training

Programs for high school students heading straight to work after graduation are popping up all over the country. Recognizing that not every student has the means or desire to continue their education, preparing them for the working world is critical. Our Youth Transition Services does just that. We help youth hone the skills they need to succeed in a competitive work environment.

When those students have any sort of barrier to a successful career, that training is even more acute. We provide paid work experience and training so high school students with disabilities can achieve their long-term goal of living independent lives.

One of our students, April, works at a Goodwill store as a sales assistant, where she learns what it means to report to work on time, follow assignments, communicate with her boss and co-workers, and feel pride in a job well-done. Once shy and unsure whether her future would lead to a career after graduation, April is now outgoing, constantly smiling and assertive.

Because of her difficulty with numbers, math and sequencing, her parents questioned her ability to succeed in competitive employment, but her case manager helped uncover skills they didn’t know she had. The dramatic improvement in her people skills has prompted April to enter into Goodwill/Easter Seals Minensota’s retail skills training program after graduation.

Source: The Wichita Eagle, “Career training needed,” Aug. 29, 2013