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You can still have a luxurious, red carpet event without breaking the bank. Sarah Carlson shops Goodwill for cheap Oscar party finds.

Hosting an inexpensive Oscar party

2017-02-13 14:14:00

The Oscars are this weekend, so here are a few ideas to help you host the best Oscar party around!

You might be thinking: luxurious, red-carpet, expensive… but that last one doesn’t have to be the case. You can still have a luxurious, red carpet, event without breaking the bank. Here are some fun ideas to get you started.

Red-Carpet Attire

First off, consider the dress code for your event. You can’t really have an Oscar party without getting dressed up! You could go out and spend over $100 on a new dress, or you could scour the racks of Goodwill and find yoursef something fabulous for much less. I hit up my nearest Goodwill and found quite a few options. I couldn’t believe how many cute dresses they had in a variety of sizes – and nothing over $10!

No outfit is complete without a beautiful pair of shoes. The shoe section had tons of options for me, but ultimately I loved these gold Steve Madden heels; they were too gorgeous to leave behind! Finally, don’t forget your accessories; be sure to check out the jewelry section and handbags. You can never be too stylish…am I right?

Party Decor Ideas

Now that you have your attire all picked out, it’s time to move onto the decor for your party! Of course you’re going to want to find a red carpet, red rug, or whatever you can find, to display at your front door so that as guests arrive they’ll get to take a stroll down the red carpet.

For other decor, you’ll want it to look as glamorous as possible. Gold-rimmed champagne glasses, fancy silver platters, shimmering gold and silver star-shaped balloons: the options are unlimited! Also, don’t forget some red roses for your tablescape. They’ll look great with all the food and fabulous colors.

Oscar Party Games

Last, but not least, you can’t have an Oscar party without playing a few games! You can find quite a few ideas out there, but some of my favorites include:

  • Oscar Party Bingo – Print off Bingo sheets of your own, or find them online! Square ideas include ‘Cries during speech’ or ‘Thanks their parents’. Use gold stickers or a Bingo dauber to complete the game.
  • Oscar Ballot – You can print off your own Ballot card from com and have your guests fill out who they think will win each award. Give a prize to the person who guesses the most correctly!
  • Party Awards – Host your own version of the Oscars by handing out your own awards to guests. This might include ‘best dressed’, ‘best reactions’, or even ‘best shoes’.

There are so many ways to take your Oscar party to the next level this year, and with Goodwill you can make these ideas come to life for only a fraction of the cost.

By Sarah Carlson, Real Housewives of Minnesota