Hotel Transylvania 2: Review and costumes

By Guest Blogger Sarah Arneson
Check out this review of Hotel Transylvania 2 along with costume suggestions based on the movie. A quick trip to Goodwill and you'll have your own Drac pack!

Hotel Transylvania 2: Review and costumes

2015-10-01 12:33:47

Have you seen that super cute commercial? The one where a bunch of ghouls tell you the best place to find a unique costume? Hint: It’s Goodwill. Haven’t seen it? Check it out below!

The kids and I wanted to learn more about these costume-savvy spooks, so we saw Hotel Transylvania 2.

It starts out where Hotel Transylvania left off. Mavis and Johnny get married and shortly after they welcome a bouncing baby boy. As baby Dennis grows, his vampa (vampire grandpa, voiced by Adam Sandler) wonders if he’ll get his fangs and become a full-fledged monster. I won’t spoil the ending, but I can tell you it’s a sweet story about acceptance with engaging characters and hilarious antics. Fear not parents, there are references that will have you slapping your knee, too.

And guess what happened after the movie. Costume requests. Rachel wants to be Mavis. Aaron wants to be Blobby (I’m not sure how that would work, so we compromised on Wayne the Werewolf). And Mary Beth wants to be Murray the Mummy.

So it came full circle. After the movie we went to our local Goodwill store and started assembling the costumes. Mavis was simple: a black dress, red and black tights and a short black wig. Rachel was delighted.

We found a wolf mask and striped tie for Aaron. He’s looking forward to shredding a button-down shirt and pair of khakis we picked up on Kids Day. (Every Thursday kids clothes and toys with a blue, green, pink or yellow tag are 50% off the already low Goodwill price! Score!)

And for my little mummy? We found creepy cloth. It’s actually decorative material you drape around your house for a spooky effect, but Mary Beth and I are going to cut it into strips and wrap them around her. (She’s going to wear a turtle neck and sweat pants and we’ll pin the strips to the clothes so she can easily get into and out of the costume.) And voila! My own Hotel Transylvania crew!

What did you think of the movie? What costume requests are you fulfilling this year? Sound off below!