Thrift Spotlight: Hunkiedorie Blog, Part I

Recently we learned about the styles and photography of Lindsay Gorman, showcasing Goodwill styles (and a mixture of styles from all over).

Now meet another of our favorite bloggers, often using Goodwill items in amazing DIY projects: Emmie Hunkeapillar, AKA Hunkiedorie Blog. You can find her on Instagram and through her blog.

Tell us about your blog: What is it about? When did you start it?

I started developing Hunkiedorie while I was in college. It started off mainly as a cooking blog. Cooking has always been my passion. My friends and family were constantly hitting me up for my recipes. I decided it would be much easier if I started posting my recipes online versus typing up long emails every time someone asked me how to make their favorite dish.

We love the use of the “hunk” portion of your name (Hunkiedorie Blog, etc.). Is the rest of your family owning their name as well as you?

My name has always gotten a lot of attention growing up. My dad’s friends and colleagues all refer to him as Hunk. Growing up the same went for me, I often answer to Hunk or Hunkie.

Calling my online space Hunkiedorie seemed to make sense. I have always been very proud of my name, it allowed me to stand out and was always a guaranteed laugh on the first day of school as the teachers struggled to pronounce my name during roll call.

Your blog covers all sorts of interesting topics, from food and DIY to travels. How do Goodwill finds fit with your blog and Instagram account?

As I got more comfortable writing I decided to share my other passions like my adventures around Minnesota and of course the ever-popular craft section. I always love to reinvent my spaces in my house and Goodwill has always allowed me to give the pieces I’ve found my own creative twist – while staying on budget.

Everyone loves that accomplished feeling of seeing something they’ve created being used and admired on a daily basis. My treasure hunts to the Goodwill have turned up some of my favorite things in my home.

One of Emmie’s favorite Goodwill finds: A plaster-framed mirror she used in a DIY project.

What is the best (or coolest) thing you’ve purchased from Goodwill?
I’m a bit of a magpie always drawn to mirrors; I recently found a gorgeous old plaster mirror from the 1940’s. It’s by far my favorite thing I’ve ever found. I gave it a bit of a facelift; someone had done a rough job of painting it white before donating it. Now it has the most gorgeous shade of gold and is hanging on display in my new apartment.

Original label from Emmie’s DIY mirror project, with hand-written notes from the 1940s!

I would have to say my favorite purchase was the bar cart I made for my friends Lainie & Greg. Not only did I get a bar cart (I have been hunting for one of my own ever since) at the Goodwill, but all of the glasses and other bar gear were from Goodwill as well!

My goal with my project posts are to make it as easy as possible for people to breathe new life into older items and bring out the beauty that has been forgotten.

Thanks for sharing your Goodwill experience, Emmie! Stay tuned for Part II of our conversation with Emmie of Hunkiedorie Blog next week, as we learn about some of her latest DIY projects, her “obsession” with crystal, and why she suggests you should shop at Goodwill.

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