Job Tip: Attend Career Fairs

Read this week's "Quick Job Tip" on the benefits of career fairs.

Job Tip: Attend Career Fairs

2016-06-01 07:03:24

Quick job tips written by James Houston, Business Development Manager

Have you ever attended a career fair? They’re a great way to practice speaking with employers. Some employers have the ability to conduct formal interviews and make you a job offer on the spot. You can even learn about training opportunities to build up marketable skills.

This was a scene from our 2016 Power of Work Career Fair, with 40 employers in attendance.

Side perk: Career fairs are also a great way to network with job seekers who may have information about other opportunities.

Three things to remember when attending a career fair.

  1. Bring copies of your resume
  2. Dress professionally. Casual dress pants and a collared shirt are acceptable.
  3. Have fun. Getting a job is serious, but have fun doing it. Employers like positive attitudes.