July 4th fireworks kit

Watching fireworks on the fourth of July is a tradition for most families. Once you’ve selected the venue it’s time to gather supplies and make sure everyone can enjoy the show in comfort.

Start from the ground up

Start with a blanket or sheet big enough for everyone to sit on comfortably or you can select several blankets and lay them side-by-side. Picking these items up at your Goodwill saves your nice throws and sheets from grass stains, twigs and creepy-crawlies. We found these blankets for $2.99 – $6.99.

Now the necessities

Minnesota. In the summer. ‘Nuff said. Keep your family bite-free by bringing bug spray. And don’t forget the sunscreen. Slather up, before the sun goes down.

Whether you’re planning a BBQ at the park or just hanging out long enough to watch the fireworks, you’ll want snacks on hand. We found water, soda, candy, chips and even ice cream! No soap? No problem! Hand sanitizer to the rescue.

Activities before the show

So, you’ve found your spot, brought along blankets, snacks, and other necessities. Now, you wait for the sky to grow dark and the fun to start. But, what do you do until then? Goodwill has that covered too. You can work on your summer reading list, bring squirt guns and bubble wands for mischief-makers, grab goofy hats and sunglasses for selfie props or just kick back and enjoy the summer day in comfort.

With a little bit of planning, an investment of around $20 and a trip to your Goodwill, you’ll have everything your family needs to be relaxed when the fireworks start.