Meet Angelica

Angelica wants to run her own orthodontics office. Here is how GESMN is helping her get there.

Meet Angelica

2018-05-17 10:09:00

“When I came to Minnesota I did not think I would be able to complete so many goals in such a short time. A big part of this success is because I came to Goodwill and have the best people working with me and helping me all the time.”

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Discovering your career aspirations can be an immense challenge. Navigating the professional landscape with barriers to entry can be downright deflating. Angelica’s story is a perfect example of the courage and perseverance it takes to realize your professional dreams — and the impact helpful mentors can have on the process.

Angelica was born in the United States but spent most of her life in Mexico, where she received a degree in dentistry and began her career. Three years ago, she relocated to Minnesota. After she arrived, Angelica was informed that her degree and previous experience would not be recognized by the licensing board in the United States. Angelica didn’t let this setback slow her down; she enrolled in GESMN’s medical office training program to see how she could transfer her existing skills into a job that aligned with her interests.

With assistance from her program instructor, Angelica was able to bring her industry knowledge and medical terminology up to date. Her career specialist helped her develop her resume, build her interview confidence and create a career roadmap. Angelica found a job at a local dentist’s office and is currently working as a clinical assistant.

“One of my goals is to have my own orthodontics office and help people who cannot afford dental treatments,” Angelica explains. While she’s glad to be working in the field she is passionate about, Angelica needs an additional college degree to meet this goal. In pursuit of her dream job, Angelica is working with a GESMN college and career navigator. She’s getting support in researching orthodontics programs, getting her college transcripts evaluated for equivalency in the United States and preparing for entrance exams. She plans to apply for university in the fall.

“I am very happy with Goodwill-Easter Seals,” Angelica says. “They have helped me improve my life and they are like family to me.”

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