Brandon finds his path to success

By Brian Boese, Communications Coordinator Learn how a VRS and Work Experience participant became Cash Wise Foods’ Employee of the Month.

Brandon finds his path to success

2016-08-03 10:52:00

Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS) and Work Experience participant becomes Cash Wise Foods’ Employee of the Month.

Brandon felt like he was getting nowhere, having applied for work at more than 20 businesses in the Willmar area without any luck. He was starting to doubt he’d ever find a job.

Brandon is friendly and hard-working, but arthritis limits his speed. He was referred to Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota through Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS) and was accepted into our Work Experience program. It was there that he met Case Manager Doug Doering, who calls Brandon “one of the most interesting young men a person could ever meet.”

The Work Experience program provides participants with employment training through classroom instruction and hands-on experience at a job. After a few months of training, Brandon was ready to look for work again.

“Slowly, Brandon began to assert himself,” Doug says. “His confidence and productivity increased so he decided to give cashiering a try.”

“Everyone in the program was great. They helped me feel like I was ready to get to work,” said Brandon.

Brandon aimed high and picked the biggest grocery store in town – Cash Wise Foods – to be a cashier.

Thanks to his training, Brandon was ready to take a cashier’s test, passed it and got hired. He quickly established himself as a customer favorite, and in early 2016 he was honored as Cash Wise Foods’ Employee of the Month.

The key to Brandon’s success? “What Brandon lacks in speed he makes up with charisma. The relationship Brandon has nurtured with his customers leads them to choose his line for check out,” said Doug.

“Brandon turned his limitation into his greatest tool and has become a cashier of legendary status.”