Meet Shelly Huseby – the face of Goodwill in Willmar

By Brian Boese, Communications Coordinator Get to know our Services and Programs Manager in Willmar.

Meet Shelly Huseby – the face of Goodwill in Willmar

2016-03-01 16:27:00

Shelly Huseby has been Goodwill-Easter Seals’ Services and Programs Manager in Willmar since 2008. Since she started, not only has the number of people being helped by those services and programs more than doubled, she’s also become a fixture in the Willmar community, recently being appointed to Willmar’s newly redeveloped Human Rights Commission.

Once you get to know her a little, you’ll understand why Goodwill-Easter Seals’ programs have been successful in Willmar. “She’s a doer,” Willmar Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce President Ken Warner says about Shelly. “When she raises her hand and says ‘I’ll do it’ you never have to worry about it getting done.”

Originally from Battle Lake, MN, Shelly earned a degree from the University of Minnesota-Morris. She played volleyball all through school, and then became the varsity volleyball coach at Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg (KMS) high school for nine years.

She calls herself a “big fan” of her two active kids. Her daughter just graduated high school and will soon be leaving for basic training in the army reserve, and she has an eighth grade son who loves sports. In summer, they spend as much time as possible back in Battle Lake.

She’s a huge supporter of the work being done by Goodwill-Easter Seals. “I love our mission,” she explains. “It’s impactful because it helps people find work – and the power of a job is transformative. We’re teaching people to help themselves. That gives them a hand up, not a hand out.”

Shelly has over 20 years of experience working with people with disabilities, individuals on public assistance and new Americans. She feels that the knowledge she’s gained will be important in her role on Willmar’s Human Rights Commission.

“I’m excited to be part of the Human Rights Commission because of my years of experience working with persons who have disabilities and other barriers to work,” she says. ”I think I can bring a unique perspective.”

Shelly’s been a member of Willmar Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors for 3 years. She’s a liaison for their “Diplomat’s Committee,” which is a new committee working to provide outreach and retention for Willmar’s businesses, and is also part of the Chamber’s “Willmar Lakes Area 2040” plan to map out Willmar’s next 25 years.

Find out more about our work in Willmar and listen to Shelly in the video below: