Thrift spotlight: Melissa Anne Company, Part I

Thrift spotlight: Melissa Anne Company, Part I

2016-05-02 07:31:00

Last month we had the chance to interview contributors to the Jackie and Marilyn Blog and now we’re excited to get to know Melissa, of Melissa Anne Company!

“I make things from both new and re-purposed items because it makes me feel alive.”

We were drawn to Melissa’s beautiful photos for her Instagram account and Etsy store, with images constructed using many Goodwill finds and a whole lot of strategy.

Tins and patch purchased at Goodwill by Melissa

In Part I of this interview we find out a bit more about Melissa and her business:

How did you choose the name “Melissa Anne Company” for your Etsy shop (seen here) and Instagram account (seen here)?

I have always really liked my name, even though I realize that it’s not super unique or original. I really like the ‘e’ on Anne too. So, when thinking about a biz name I wanted one that would continue to be a good fit even as the business evolved and changed. Plus that way I wasn’t tied down to only doing one product for all of time. I didn’t think about it too much, so that was probably good.

Tell us more about your shop and about your thrifted purchases.

I shop at Goodwill for both personal and crafty items. My favorite purchases have been a two foot plastic ice cream cone that lights up, numerous coats and vests (huge weakness for me), picture frames that get repainted, and a brand new faux fur throw. I make things from both new and re-purposed items because it makes me feel alive. I love designing and brainstorming and creating a new project, whether that be for around my house or for my business or an outfit that feels like me.

Green frame purchased at Goodwill by Melissa

Help us picture your shopping trip.

I rarely go to Goodwill with a list. I’ve tried it before but usually end up feeling frustrated. I might have a loose sort of list in my head, but it’s really much more fun for me to see what I find. Some of the things I use for the business would be yarn (for pom poms), wood numbers or letters, tissue paper (packaging), or wood frames. I’ve also done a little bit of painted furniture as well. In addition to my Etsy shop, I sell in person at a few different handmade markets and in a couple of local shops where I can include some re-purposed thrifted finds.

Thanks for sharing your Goodwill experience, Melissa! Stay tuned for Part II of of our conversation with Melissa Anne Company, as we learn her strategies for taking amazing pictures using thrifted and non-thrifted items!

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