Thrift spotlight: Melissa Anne Company, Part II

Thrift spotlight: Melissa Anne Company, Part II

2016-05-09 07:34:07

Welcome to Part II of our Thrift Spotlight series, as we get to know Melissa, of Melissa Anne Company!
“I’m super jazzed about the thrill of the hunt.”

We were drawn to Melissa’s beautiful photos for her Instagram account and Etsy store, with images constructed using many Goodwill finds and a whole lot of strategy.

Tins and patch purchased at Goodwill by Melissa

In Part II of this interview we find out more about how Melissa sets up her photo shoots for Instagram and Etsy and why she shops at Goodwill:

How do you plan out your photo shoots?

Ooh. This is a fun one. Taking photos is one of my favorite parts of selling online and being on Instagram and just generally in life. Sometimes the idea for a photo begins with a product: an arrow, flag, or sign. And then I add in props (oftentimes found at Goodwill) in a flat lay. I have a props bin (actually a few different bins) where I keep various items to include in my product photos. (Things such as plates, twine, yarn, tins, measuring spoons, moss, blocks, and fabric.) I then simply start layering and rearranging the different items and taking multiple shots to see what ends up looking good. Oh and I take photos in natural light. Always. Bright, gloomy days are the best. Perfectly diffused light.

Fur throw and arrows purchased at Goodwill by Melissa

How long does a photo shoot take to execute, once you have a plan in place?

Sometimes I’ll do a bunch of photos in one shoot, especially if the light is good. I can shoot for an hour and get a bunch of different layouts. And sometimes I take 15-20 minutes (or less) and do a quick layout and shoot it with my iPhone. It depends how much time I can give it.

Large spool of yellow string purchased from Goodwill by Melissa

Why do you shop at Goodwill?

For a few different reasons. I get energized by a bargain and a good deal. I’ve always been thrifty, I guess, thanks to some good upbringing. Also, I’m super jazzed about the thrill of the hunt. The surprise aspect of it. I love figuring out how to use something I find. I never know what I’ll find when shopping at Goodwill. Also, the staff is usually super helpful and seem to enjoy being there and are friendly, and the stores are always clean. Those are a big deal to me too.

Thanks for sharing your Goodwill experience, Melissa! Stay tuned for our next Thrift Spotlight, coming soon!

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