The button-down on men’s dress shirts

By Guest Blogger Justin James Sehorn
This fall I’ve been on the hunt for vintage paisley dress shirts. As usual, I skipped the designer department stores and took a trip down to the local second-hand store to see what I might find. It didn’t take much effort to come across a couple of unique gems that had the look I was after. But one problem: they fit weird.

And that, my friend, is the main problem when shopping for a Men’s shirt: The sizings are unpredictable and downright confusing, sometimes. Besides the standard Small, Medium and Large labeling, many brands utilize neck/arm sizing which can be intimidating if you’ve never encountered it. A measuring tape and good size chart will go a long way.

So now you know how to find your size but all brands, especially vintage, fit differently. Maybe the shirt length feels right but the sleeves are too long, or perhaps the neck is perfect but the midsection fits like a garbage bag. It doesn’t seem to matter how cool you think the shirt is, if it doesn’t fit you properly, what’s the point?

My trick, find a good tailor! For approximately $17.99 you can have your $2.99 shirt tailored to you.

On the left is a paisley dress shirt I really dig pre-tailor. On the right is a paisley shirt post-tailor. After spending only $17.99 at the local tailor, I was able to have the shirt I ultimately wanted for Fall for only $21.98. That is easily a third of the cost one would spend buying new for the trend.

So the next time you are wanting a button-down to go out on the town in, I suggest looking secondhand first and hitting up the tailor second. It’s my little secret that has served me well for years.

What will you find?