Mentor coordinator: “I have a great job”

Photo of Melissa Brandal

By Mentoring Coordinator Melissa Brandel

Simply put, I have a great job. In my role as a Mentoring Coordinator at Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota, I have the privilege to connect with our participants in unique ways through our mentoring program. Mentoring services are provided via individual matches with volunteer mentors and/or group mentoring sessions. Group mentoring sessions are special because it’s a safe space to have participants and volunteer mentors come together to discuss valuable topics and share life experiences.

Our volunteer mentors have a powerful impact on our participants and mentoring program. Goodwill-Easter Seals is very fortunate to have a diverse pool of volunteer mentors who all possess a passion for living our mission of eliminating barriers to work and independence. Each mentor has a unique set of skills, their own stories of challenge and triumph to share, and a true genuineness of wanting to support someone with achieving their goals and moving forward in life.

Volunteer mentors provide an extra special element to my job. Not only do they serve our participants with encouragement, constructive feedback and honesty, they also provide our mentoring program with an additional resource. Through their experience and knowledge we learn and create new ways to best serve our participants. All in all, I have the best of two worlds. I’m privileged to have the opportunity to serve our participants and grateful for the gifts our volunteer mentors provide to those we serve.