Minnesota Dads Need Your Support

Decisions are being made now at the state capitol. Here's how you can fight for the FATHER Project.

Minnesota dads need your support

2017-04-25 17:40:00

Take ActionJobs conference committee members from the Minnesota House and Senate are meeting this week to determine what legislation should be passed on to Governor Dayton.

It's time to let lawmakers know that dads are an important part of creating stable families.

Helping fathers secure employment, advance in careers, complete their education, make child support payments and learn to be engaged parents are all valuable ways in which the FATHER Project helps to stabilize families and increase life outcomes for their children.

Please take a moment to contact legislators on the conference committee and ask them to include fathers in the final jobs bill agreement.

Call the officials listed below, or paste this message into your email to them:

As you consider jobs-related investments, please include FATHER Project funding in the Jobs Finance bill agreement. Low-income fathers are often overlooked as part of the financial and emotional solution to many of our most fragile families. An investment in employment training and parenting for dads — through proven programs like Goodwill-Easter Seals’ FATHER Project and their partners across the state — will pay big dividends in better life outcomes for low-income children.

Sen. Jeremy Miller (28, R)

Sen. Paul T. Anderson (44, R)

Sen. Gary H. Dahms (16, R)

Sen. Bobby Joe Champion (59, DFL)

Sen. David J. Osmek (33, R)

Rep. Pat Garofalo (58B, R)
651-296-1069 or 888-667-3337

Rep. Jim Newberger (15B, R)
651-296-2451 or 800-706-9962

Rep. Joe Hoppe (47B, R)

Rep. Marion O'Neill (29B, R)
651-296-5063 or 800-920-5875

Rep. Tim Mahoney (67A, DFL)