Not a Halloween costume look

Halloween costumes are fun, but not all of us want to dress up. Here are two looks that I picked up at Goodwill. These looks have a hint of Halloween without being over-the-top. You’ll blend in at any casual Halloween soiree or happy hour without all the effort of wearing an actual costume.


The first look is, what I like to call, “The Urban Lumberjack”. It’s a simple plaid combination. And I’m sure a lot of us have plaid or checks in our closets, especially living in Minnesota. I wore a Ralph Lauren button down under a vest. One rule to remember: there can never be too much plaid, especially when you are dressing up for Halloween. You can always shed a layer.


The next look is camo inspired. If you are a trend lover like me, you’ve noticed camo has been on the fashion hit list for a couple of years now. You’ve probably seen it popping up in different places this year. Let me be honest, I’ve been looking for a camo jacket for myself for a while, and even asked one of my vintage reseller friends to find me one. Luckily for me, I scored this jacket at Goodwill, mixed in with their Halloween costumes. It’s perfect for a Halloween themed party without being too costume-y, and trust me, I’ll be getting a lot of use out of it this season!

One thing you may notice about both of these looks – they’re combined with jeans and are simple and layered. This makes it easy for you to add the accessories of your choice. And you’ll be comfortable and warm while you rock these iconic prints for your Not Halloween Costume.